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Korea prides itself on a history spanning several millennia, an almost homogenous populace, a unique culture, and distinct language with its own unique alphabet. Oppressive foreign influences of the past, the rapid economic development of the last decades, and growing global success in key industries have boosted a strong sense of national pride and a striving for affirmation of "Korea and all things Korean". Given this background, it is a basic precondition for success in sales promotion, marketing and communications in Korea, that a meticulous localization approach toward both overall content and visuals be used.

This unspoken requirement not only necessitates strict attention to cultural standards, but also precise compliance with local technical and legal requirements.

Adaptation of advertisements in particular has over the years transformed into a complex process, requiring constant attention to the latest trends, and a high level of market expertise. This task can only be mastered by specialists who live and work in Korea, and who are thoroughly familiar with both cultures. .

PR and Advertising Materials

Draw attention to your company and products & services! We optimize the impact of your promotions with creative, spot-on localization, custom-tailored to the Korean market:

  • Company catalogues, brochures, and flyers.
  • Adhesive film cut-outs, digital prints, poster & banners for trade show participation and special events.
  • Adaptation of printed and online advertisements, selection of suitable media, media scheduling, quality control and coordination with publishers and printers.
  • User und operation manuals, maintenance and repair handbooks, safety data sheets, etc.
  • Direct mailings (postal and via email) to specific target groups, including generation of address lists and feedback analysis.
  • Website design, site maintenance, Korean domain registrations, and web hosting..

Dubbing / Voice-over

Only a video in your target group's native language will ensure that your company's message is completely understood. Unlike written text, audiovisual media is extremely sensitive to spoken accent. Particularly in countries with strong national pride, the use of native speakers with refined, up-to-date language skills is a precondition for acceptance by the local market.

Professional dubbing will ensure the respectability and liveliness required for commercials and company image videos. Your professionalism and the quality of your products or services are always subconsciously being rated by those viewing your promotional materials. For this reason, any substandard dubbing risks damaging the image of your company, products and services, even while still in the advertising phase.

Independent of your selective approach toward sound-recording or a more economical "sub-titles only" solution, one must begin with a manuscript for translation. If you do not have transcripts of your source media, we can also offer this service as part of our localization package.

Based on your desired market positioning and the products / services your wish to promote, we can make recommendations in the selection of a male or female voice, as well as the speech style to be used. We are happy to answer all your questions regarding speech recording, subtitles and video editing, and will provide a customized cost estimate upon request.

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